Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Anything Could Happen

"ELLIE! PLAY LIGHTS! I ONLY CAME HERE TO HEAR LIGHTS," one crazed fan shouted amongst the thousands of people who flooded the Aragon Ballroom last night. There might be many of you who too, could only recognize her music based on how many times the radio decides to play Lights...but she is so, much, more than that. I'm not even sure I know where to begin in unraveling my concert experience for you, so I guess I'll start at the top. 
we are not worthy.
Elena Jane "Ellie" Goulding was born December 30th, 1986 (whaddup, December babies!). An English singer-songwriter, her debut album Lights  was released in April 2010 and her sophomore album Halcyon was released in October 2012. Both album sales did amazingly well in the states and her fan base here and home speaks for itself. 
Ellie's Halcyon Days tour kicked off in Miami on January 16th and will end February 12th in Los Angeles; her Chicago show was directly in the middle of the tour. 

The Queen at her throne. 
My friends and I had gambled with the order of her opening set months in advance, trying to figure out what would be THE song to open this specific tour. And then the song after THAT one. And after THAAAT one. Calob (one of 3 that night) was right with his choosing, naturally. Ellie opened with the first song on her new album called "Don't Say a Word," and the moment she began to sing the opening riffs, the crowd lost it.

Ellie performed one hit song after another for 2 hours, ranging from her upbeat indie-electronic tunes to her piano-accompanied ballads and everything in between. 

Here's Tuesday's set-list!

  1. Joy 
  2. (Elton John cover)
  3. Encore:

  4. Serenading Chicago
    Before her super energetic encore, Ellie invited us to sing and wish her guitar player, Chris, a happy birthday. What a phenomenal way to spend your birthday, no? Rockin' out with one of music's most brilliant artists in one of the greatest cities ever? C'mon now. That's a pretty legitimate birthday celebration.

    This concert marks the umpteenth concert I've seen in my lifetime. Ellie is a performer who you could easily argue sings better live than on an album, I'm not even sure I know where my opinion stands in that sense. I will, however, encourage all music lovers to give her a better listen. She A. is unbelievably gifted as a musician and songwriter and B. has an unbelievable vocal range and uses her voice as its own instrument. So fear not- there is still plenty of time and space to hop aboard the Ellie Goulding Bandwagon. I would love to think that this time next year (or sooner, if possible) she'll have another album under her belt and a tour to go with it. Who knows!

    Anything could happen.

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